Concrete Floor Sealing & Staining

Protect Your Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Sealing and MaintenanceMcKeys Janitorial Service specializes in both concrete cleaning and sealing for newly laid concrete and new buildings. We use industry-proven sealers that won't peel or crumble, ensuring your floors are protected for the long haul. Our services can get your building ready for inspection and delivery, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Don't take chances with your newly constructed building. Choose McKeys Janitorial Service for reliable and effective concrete sealing services in cities across Johnson County, Texas, including Cleburne, Burleson, Joshua, Keene, Alvarado, and more.

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Concrete Maintenance

The strength and durability of concrete is what makes it such a widely used building material. However, concrete’s porous nature allows it to absorb water and soluble salts, which can be destructive. All work insured and bonded and satisfaction guaranteed. Using commercial concrete cleaning equipment and chemicals we will complete job and get your floor ready for years to come.

  • Water & Chemical Protection
    Provides superior protection from water, chemicals and freeze-thaw cycles​​

  • Long-Lasting
    Chemically reacts with concrete for long lasting protection (5-10 years)

  • Protects Investment
    Extends the life of your concrete and avoids costly replacement in the future

  • Total Protection
    Help prevent warm weather issues such mold, mildew and algae from forming

  • Clean Results
    Will not alter the appearance or texture of surface

  • Refreshes Concrete
    Cleans and restores the look of your concrete giving you a fresh look

Concrete Floor Staining

Concrete staining services from McKeys Janitorial Service are the perfect way to give any concrete surface an attractive and unique finish. Our concrete staining services allow commercial facilities to transform plain, unremarkable concrete into something truly beautiful, creating an all-new, decorative finish with a look reminiscent of stone, earth, or marble.

Concrete stain is highly adaptable, and can be used on practically any concrete surface, including both old and new concrete.

Concrete staining is an affordable, resilient, and permanent flooring treatment that results in a truly high-end, luxurious appearance. Our concrete stain is a special chemical formula that reacts with concrete to permanently change its appearance. Depending on the type of stain used, we can create a marble-like finish, a natural stone look, or an earthen appearance. We can also be use our concrete stain to achieve geometric designs and decorative patterns.

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